**** GBM Mobile release 8.00.0171 – (15th September 2014)


Production Release for all Customers



GBM Mobile – all Editions

·         GBM Mobile Manager

·         GBM Mobile 8.00.0180

·         Profile Manager

·         Profile Loader

·         Profile Retriever

·         MapInfo MapX Mobile 5.06.016

·         MapInfo extensions installer containing

o    GBM Mobile Merge (mbx) V6.50.0015 - Build 15

o    GBM PostProc (mbx) V1.01.028 – for GBM Mobile for Trimble customers only


GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         Pathfinder Tools SDK Version 2.43A

·         Pathfinder Field Toolkit Version 1.22A


Click here for Trimble version compatibility notes.

Click here for Trimble activation notes.


Known Problems and cautions


Currently no other known issues.


***  Refer to the Trimble compatibility notes (above) for advise on which Trimble version of the Trimble interface to install. Customer with recent hardware

      models may require licensing for the Trimble Field Toolkit and will need to activate those licenses (see link above for details)


**** License Keys - GBM Mobile V8 requires a different license key from V7, V6 and V5. Contact Exa-Min or your local GBM Software reseller for upgrade conditions


**** GBM Mobile for Trimble –Office based post processing requires Pathfinder Office V4 rather than V3. Customers who used GPS Post Processing with earlier software versions are advised to read the separate notes on re-processing options. These notes can be accessed through the Release Notes link on the installation media.


**** GBM Portable Forms Exporter –The forms exporter can no longer be accessed from GBM Mobile Manager. Forms can be imported into GBM Pro, GBM Portable and GBM Office through the import button on the settings screen within those products. The importer operates within the context of the active project to select the destination folder automatically.  


**** Operating Folders - Installation will re-map the location of the “downloads” and “profiles” folders. Customers who are upgrading an old installation may need to reset these folder locations. Refer to the last paragraph of the installation instructions. These instructions can be accessed through the Install Software link on the installation media.


Updates between V8.00.0168 and V8.00.0171 (September 2014)

1.    GBM Mobile – General

·         Fixed a problem that was occurring with certain devices that reported more than the expected number of GPS satellites.

·         Fixed a bug with the picture lists.

·         Added a setting so that the resolution can be specified for the Windows camera driver. (Resolves an issue with photos taken with an Intermec CN51 being too small.)

Updates between V7.00.0157 and V8.00.0168 (November 2013)

2.    GBM Mobile Manager – Forms Builder

·         Two new auto values have been added: GPS Acquisition method as a measure of GPS quality and Stored Values to save the need to re-enter common values

3.    GBM Mobile – Custom Forms

·         Implemented stored values and GBM quality recording methods.

·         Added up/down buttons for navigating fields, within a form, without having to click on the list of fields.

·         Modified the implementation of the last-edit-time/date automatic values so that the prompt to save changes is presented only when changes are actually made.

4.    GBM Mobile – General

·         If layer visibilities are changed, the user is prompted as to whether the changes ought to be saved. If saved, the layer visibilities are set to their changed states when the geoset is reopened.

·         Fixed a bug in which changes to the GPS location’s style were not reflected on the map.

·         Implemented a ‘hosted’ Windows Camera API option, as some mobile device exhibit problems when the Windows Camera API is used within the GBM Mobile process. This ‘hosted’ option invokes the API in a separate process to mitigate memory issues with the camera driver on some devices.

5.    GBM Mobile for ike

·         Added support for the ike v5 API.


Updates between V7.00.0156 and V7.00.0157 (September 2012)

6.    GBM Mobile

·         Fixed several bugs with the Trimble GPS functionality: can now disconnect and reconnect without licensing errors; when using an external DGPS source, the “Corrected Only” can now be used.

·         Improved the reporting of Trimble status messages. Until a fix is obtained, the status messages will cycle in the status bar. (Previously, the messages were displayed only briefly before being replaced with a message that said there was no fix.)

·         Added a start menu shortcut for the Trimble Activation Wizard.


Updates between V7.00.0155 and V7.00.0156 (September 2012)

7.    GBM Mobile

·         Fixed a Data Services bug with specified deletes in the MapTransfer.xml file.

·         Fixed a bug that was introduced with the ListReferenceTool; cascading lists were not working correctly and default list values in child lists were not being reset.


Updates between V7.00.0154 and V7.00.0155 (July 2012)

8.    GBM Mobile

·         Fixed a bug with using the parent feature as the selection when creating child features.

·         Fixed a bug with minimum multiplicity, in relationships, not being enforced.


Updates between V7.00.0153 and V7.00.0154 (July 2012)

9.    GBM Mobile

·         The ike 4 GPS targeting device is now enabled only on ike hardware.

·         When using Data Services, GBM Mobile will now perform the Delete=”All” operation if no TAB files are included in the downloaded payload.


Updates between V7.00.0152 and V7.00.0153 (June 2012)

10. GBM Mobile

·         Added support for recent versions of the ike (ikeOS 4 and newer). (When using the ike, the NMEA GPS is now used. GBM Mobile’s auto detection should find the device’s GPS port, etc.)

·         Added support for measuring span heights with the ike.

·         Fixed a bug that occurred with GPS devices that output the positions using the latest NMEA format. The new format includes additional information that resulted in certain sentences being rejected by GBM Mobile.


Updates between V7.00.0151 and V7.00.0152 (April 2012)

11. GBM Mobile Manager

·         Added support for the Trimble Pathfinder Field Toolkit. When installing onto the PDA, it’s now possible to choose between the Trimble Pathfinder Tools SDK and the Trimble Pathfinder Field Toolkit. (For more information, see the links at the top of this page.)

12. GBM Mobile

·         Added support for the Trimble Pathfinder Field Toolkit (for newer devices, such as the Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series).

·         Added a prompt for situations where the Trimble Pathfinder Field Toolkit licence is about to expire.

·         Fixed a bug that prevented features being listed by the attributes tool when both parent and child forms were defined over a single layer.


Updates between V7.00.0150 and V7.00.0151 (February 2012)

13. GBM Mobile Manager

·         Added support for automatic selection of map objects upon closure of the custom form dialog.

·         Added support for mandatory, from-selection automatic values – that is, automatic values that require a particular map object to be selected.

14. GBM Mobile

·         Added support for the abovementioned features.

·         Fixed some problems with that were occurring with edit tracking when using GBM Data Services.



Updates between V6.50.0149 and V7.00.0150 (October 2011)

15. GBM Mobile Manager

·         Fixed a problem where, when connected to devices with large amounts (gigabytes) of memory, the manager reported a negative amount of memory and refused to install.

16. Custom Forms DLLs

·         Uses the latest Custom Forms ( DLLs and includes the .NET 3.5 runtime installer.


Updates between V6.50.0148 and V7.00.0149 (September 2011)

17. GBM Mobile

·         The CABs for Windows Mobile are now signed, so the unknown-publisher warning will not pop up upon installation.

18. GBM Mobile Merge

·         Fixed a compatibility problem with MapInfo 11 that occurred with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit installations.


Updates between V6.50.0147 and V7.00.0148 (June 2011)

19. GBM Mobile

·         Fixed a bug with edit tracking where automatic values (e.g. X and Y) were not being treated as attribute edits.

·         Changed the button used for the OK button on the attributes dialog. It is now a green check mark and looks less like the undo button.

·         Added a yes/no prompt for the undo button on the attributes dialog.

·         When using the from-an-object-on-another-layer automatic value, if there are several objects under the click point, the prompt to select an object will be shown only once. Previously, the prompt was shown for each field that was to be copied from the object.

·         The Windows Mobile 6.5 version now has the correct icon and the Data Services menu is displayed only if that component is installed.

·         Re-arranged the Windows Mobile 6.5 command bar buttons so that the attributes and drawing tools are presented on the same bar. Previously, the drawing tool was not included on the first of the toggled command bars.

·         Fixed a bug with the (automatic value) expression evaluator: it did not support simple, single field expressions.

·         Fixed a problem with visibility-dependent fields: in some situations fields were initially hidden when they should have been visible.


Updates between V6.50.0146 and V6.50.0147 (March 2011)

20. GBM Mobile

·         Fixed a bug with the timing of Web Transfer’s repeated, upload-edits prompts.

·         Included the latest custom forms DLLs for form exports.


Updates between V6.50.0145 and V6.50.0146 (March 2011)

21. GBM Mobile

·         Fixed a bug where features targeted using a rangefinder where placed at the GPS location and not the calculated target location.

·         The profile manager, loader and retriever are now compatible with 64-bit Windows operating systems.


Updates between V6.50.0143 and V6.50.0145 (February 2011)

22. GBM Mobile

·         Fixed a bug with NMEA GPS and Contour XLR rangefinder connections. In some circumstances, if the first connection attempt failed, all subsequent attempts would fail – regardless of whether or not the settings were changed, etc. This would continue until GBM Mobile was exited and restarted.


Updates between V6.50.0142 and V6.50.0143 (December 2010)

23. GBM Mobile

·         Fixed a bug with visibility-dependent fields that was causing all fields to be hidden.

Updates between V6.50.0141 and V6.50.0142 (November 2010)

24. GBM Mobile

·         GBM Mobile is now compatible with devices running Windows Mobile 6.5. There is an additional toggled state for the command bar – to account for the increased button sizes under WM 6.5.

·         The forms validation/verification now checks relationship link fields to ensure they are of the same type and size.

25. GBM Mobile Merge

·         The GBM Mobile Merge MBX is now built against MapBasic 7.0 and is compatible with MapInfo Professional version 7.0 and later.

26. GBM Post Processing

·         The GBM Post-Processing MBX is still built against MapBasic 8.5 (and is compatible with MapInfo Professional version 8.5 and later), however, additional indexing has been added to speed up post-processing.


Updates between V6.50.0140 and V6.50.0141 (November 2010)

27. GBM Mobile

·         OSGB transform is now installable via GBM Mobile Manager.


Updates between V6.50.0139 and V6.50.0140 (October 2010)

28. GBM Mobile

·         Prompts to transfer edits are no longer displayed if there are no cached edits and cached edits are now deleted when cancelling the creation of a new feature.

29. Mobile Manager

·         The manager now supports the specification of a minimum and maximum number of children for relationships.


Updates between V6.50.0138 and V6.50.0139 (August 2010)

30. GBM Mobile

·         Fixed a problem where edits made using a form were not saved if the form was opened by clicking on the results of a find.

·         Fixed a problem where edits made using a form were saved only to the first feature if editing a multiple selection.



Updates between and V6.50.0138 (June 2010)

31. GBM Mobile Installer

·         Corrected issue with GBM Mobile installation onto PDA units with insufficient free memory. The installer now presents an error message rather than failing with a run time error.



Updates between and V6.50.0137 (June 2010)

32. Documentation

·         New user manual included as PDF and Windows Help

33. Mobile Manager

·         The file extension for file change index has been changed to 3 characters for compatibility with old format storage cards on specific PDA devices

·         Upload data has been corrected to no longer require write access to ECW image files when downloading data from a support PC to a PDA device



Updates between and V6.50.0135 (May 2010)

34. MapX Mobile

·         Updated to MapX Mobile V5.06.16 to address a minor issue with presentation of British Grid Coordinate system options

35. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         Upgraded to Pathfinder Tools SDK V2.4A with improved post processing engine

36. Installer

·         Upgraded installer wizard with new graphics

37. Documentation

·         Updated flyers and brochures



Updates between and V6.50.0135 (May 2010)

38. Custom Forms

·         Forms can now index data through one-to-many relationships with multiple rows of data from different map tables connected to a single map feature.

·         Forms names can be aliased to present names familiar to end-users.

·         Automated data entry has been extended with an option to fill values from the last created sibling.

·         Automated data entry has been extended with an option to fill values from the nominated object.

·         Performance has been improved for forms using conditional visibility.

·         Form validation and warning prompting has been improved.

·         It is now possible to present features in a list and hot-link between map and list views.

39. Screen Layout

·         The Find function is now accessed from the main toolbar.

·         Tool buttons for drawing with stylus and GPS have been combined.

·         Layout of the attributes screen has been upgraded with new buttons and help.

·         Multi tab screens present controls at the bottom of the window to better use screen real estate.

·         Now possible to edit multiple selections.

·         New listing dialog that uses header rows, which groups object types, to save screen real estate.

·         New listing dialog allows for multiple selections via checkboxes.

·         Features listed (child objects) can now have more than two fields shown.

·         Now possible to click and drag to select hard-to-click points or all features in an area.

40. GPS

·         Drawing with the GPS has been improved with GPS averaging.

·         It is now possible to add individual vertices when drawing line or polygon features. It is no longer necessary to rely on GPS tracking.

·         Port checking during GPS configuration is more thorough.

·         It is now possible to follow transects (lines) with the GPS. The display of distance – bearing offset information has been improved. 

41. Mobile Manager

·         There is a new form configuration option to enable the presentation of a list of features and attributes.

·         It is now possible to specify whether a delete button should be added on custom forms.

·         Support added for specifying that data values should be auto populated from the last created sibling.

·         Support added for specifying that data values should be auto populated from the nominated object.

·         It is now possible to transfer forms between different form definition files.

·         The mechanisms for checking whether PDA files need updating has been upgraded to improve robustness.

·         The forms exporter has been removed from GBM Mobile Manager. Forms are now imported by GBM Portable, GBM Pro and GBM Office. This function is accessible through the Settings screen in the target application.

42. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         Upgraded to V2.33 of the Pathfinder Tools SDK.

43. Trouble Shooting

·         Behind the scenes operational logging has been extended to yield better diagnostics support.


Updates between and V5.10.0121 (17 July 2009)

44. GBM Mobile

·         Fixed issue with edit tracking not updating the edit flag when a feature in a non-editable table is moved to the GPS location

Updates between and V5.10.0117 (8 July 2009)

45. GBM Mobile Retrieve Wizard

·         Fixed issues with deleted map features not propagating back when synchronizing with the PC.

Updates between and V5.10.0112 (May 26th 2009)

46. GBM Mobile

·         Improved performance when checking whether reference data should be updated to the mobile device when using the “Load data” feature

47. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         Fixed issues encountered with the internet DGPS source

48. GBM Mobile for ike

·         Corrected blank dialogue boxes

Updates between and V5.10.0109 (March 4th 2009)

49. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         Upgraded to Trimble SDK V2.32 to support newer devices

·         Corrected Trimble connection status screens to make display more readable 

Updates between and V5.10.0107 (March 4th 2009)

50. GBM Mobile

·         Resolved infrastructure issue that occasionally gave rise to message “unable to set time” when connecting to GBM Mobile Manager

51. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         This edition can now be installed on older Pocket PC2003 devices as well as Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 units. 

Updates between and V5.10.0106 (February 17th 2009)

52. GBM Mobile

·         A screen re-orientation triggered by the camera driver on recent editions of the Trimble Juno is now corrected on return to GBM Mobile.


Updates between and V5.10.0104 (January 21st 2009)

53. GBM Mobile

·         Optimized custom forms auto fields to improve performance when used with very large data sets. This fix will speed up insertion of all automatic values except those that require update from the last selected feature. That function works well with modest data sets but can be slow with .tab files that exceed 10mb in size. Further optimization will be included in release 6.

54. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         Corrected laser offset calculation and added option to disable prompting when continuing to collect GPS data for location averaging while filling out the custom form (custom registry settings).

·         Upgraded to recognize Trimble specific data source codes when collecting real time DGPS locations


Updates between and V5.10.0099 (November 5th 2008)

55. GBM Mobile

·         Corrected supports for on-screen keyboard in landscape and square screen modes

56. Installation

·         Now supports Windows 2003 installation as well as Mobile5/6


Updates between and V5.10.0098 (November 3rd 2008)

57. Installer

·         PDA installation script has been signed through VeriSign to eliminate prompting for permission to install components from an unknown source

58. GVM Mobile Camera Support

·         Corrected issue with intermittent windows camera driver on specific models of HP devices

·         Improved error reports for occasions where users unknowingly exit camera programs without saving the photo

59. GBM Enterprise Manager

·         Improved import of custom forms pick lists to allow single file import of values for cascading lists

60. GBM Mobile for ike

·         Corrected communications with ike camers


Updates between and V5.10.0095 (October 2008)

61. GBM Mobile

·         It is now possible  to stop recording  GPS lines and regions after GPS is lost

·         New user prompt added to ensure partly drawn lines and regions are saved before changing maps or closing GBM Mobile

·         Improved behavior when tracking is initialized and then stopped before GPS positions are recorded

62. GBM Mobile Manager

·         Log file locations are listed on the Help Menu

·         Retrieve data has more robust prompting to ensure GBM Mobile is shut down before starting the retrieval process

·         Improved error messaging when Active Sync connection is lost after the initial connection

·         Corrected misclassification of reference data tagged with edit tracking (prevented setting of optional install path)

63. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         MapInfo based Post Processing utility has been upgraded with better audit files

·         Post Processing corrections can now be read from a MapInfo .tab file as well as a Trimble .cor file (for instances where Trimble Pathfinder office is installed on a different computer)

64. Documentation

·         User Manual and on-line documentation upgraded to V5.10 (14th edition)


Updates between and V5.10.0092

65. Installer

·         User feedback has been improved. Installation on machines on large networks will be faster in some cases.

66. Custom Forms

·         Fixed issue with presentation of default values in some cascading drop down lists

67. GBM Mobile

·         Corrected issue with move to GPS location

·         Added support for tracking along linear features in waypoint navigation

68. Mobile Manager

·         Relaxed error messages for occasions where path to the profiles folder is invalid on data retrieval

·         Correct misclassification of reference data for non-editable layers tagged as edit tracked in load data wizard

69. GBM Mobile for Trimble – Post Processing

·         Post Processing MBX - Corrected  issue with co-ordinate system bounds and small project areas – requires MapInfo Pro V8.5

·         Audit file (_shifts.tab) now correctly links post processed satellite observations to the final vertex locations

·         GBM Mobile post processing log updated to correct time coordination

·         Post Processing MBX - Corrected unreliable matching of raw and post processed vertexes


Updates between and V5.10.0088

70. GBM Mobile

·         Code migration to Visual Studio 2005

·         Static C-ATL linking to minimize impact of variations of C-ATL dll versions in ROM (for Nomad devices)

·         Full support for drop down lists that include decimal values

·         Map based hot-linking to external files (e.g. images and documents) is now supported

71. Mobile Manager

·         Load data wizard now supports multiple uses of the same pictorial pick list images in the same custom form

·         New utility to pre-prepare change index for reference data loaded through card readers (Tools/Generate Change Index)

·         Data transfer protocols has been upgraded to reduce data transfer delays

·         The profile wizard now checks for the new MapInfo date/time data type (this data type is not supported by the mobile device software)

72. Trimble Edition

·         The Trimble SDK has been upgraded from V2.30 to V2.31 to support newer devices

·         Current Estimated Accuracy (CEA) now presents in place of PDOP on the status bar

·         Calculation of coordinate system bounds in the MapInfo Post Processing component has been upgraded to improve precision

·         The MapInfo post processing module has been upgraded to support GPS averaging for individual vertices of linear or polygon features

·         File path names have been optimized to work with deep folder hierarchies

73. Mobile Merge (MapInfo Extensions)

·         The downloads folder can now be set through the utilities menu

·         Data type compatibility constraints have been relaxed to allow merging into linked Oracle tables

·         Minor user interface refinements

74. Installer

·         Microsoft .NET 2.0 is now available on the installation CD in place of the older .NET 1.1

Updates between and V5.10.0085


75. GBM Mobile

·         New start-up dialog prompts for opening of a map and re-connecting the GPS

·         Auto-detection of GPS port configuration has been improved

·         Auto-setting of Static Navigation on SiRF chip has been improved

·         The status bar registers each location update rather then just on location change

·         The GPS can be used to add individual vertices to Lines and polygons (see V4.20 use manual)

76. Mobile Manager

·         Now recognizes external storage cards on Windows Mobile 6 and fast processors

·         Updated Profile editor and load data wizard including performance upgrade on data load

·         Corrected custom forms problem with photo access for very complex custom forms.

·         In the forms editor, values for drop down lists can be loaded from files

·         The retrieve data wizard automatically retrieves photographs

·         GBM Portable forms exporter upgraded to with individual files for each form for compatibility with GBM Portable V4

·         It is now possible to group items in a custom form listing

·         Retrieve data wizard updated to properly manage retrieval of _deletes files (correction of error in early 4.20 releases)

77. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         Corrected issue with recording post processing data for traverses

·         Corrected Nomad install (auto reboot) issue

·         Updated to Trimble SDK V2.30 (for Nomad operation)

·         The Trimble release is now correctly installed if selected from the load software wizard

·         Corrected issue with new Trimble SDK not recording Trimble format .ssf file during precision navigation of linear features

78. General Operation

·         Placement of registry keys on the PDA has been updated for improved compatibility with Windows Mobile convention.

·         A start-up wizard prompts for connecting the GPS and for opening a map

·         GPS messages no longer obscure the status bar when the measure tool is in use

·         There is a new menu item for quickly enabling and disabling moving map display

·         Panning controls have been added to the map window

·         Ariel and Mallet fonts are now installed on the mobile device

79. Custom Forms

·         Forms have been optimized for strong light conditions

·         Logical (yes/no) data is now edited through radio buttons.

·         Added grouping of items in custom form on the mobile if grouping has been defined in the form definition

80. Waypoint Navigation

·         It is now possible to track along lines

·         A new compass rose displays travel direction and direction to waypoint

81. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         A problem with retrieval of information on deleted records that affected interim V4.20 builds has been fixed

·         The software now uses the upgraded Trimble V2.10 Pathfinder Tools SDK

·         Post_Process.mbx now accepts MapInfo files that have “_” characters in file/layer names

·         GBM Post Process.mbx – missing file ExaminProj.txt - The projection file required by the MapInfo based post processing module is now reliably added by the installer.

·         GBM Post Process.mbx - .cor file export - The export of post processing corrections from the .cor file to MapInfo now operates more reliably as it is not affected by display coordinate settings of the current Pathfinder office session.

82. GBM Portable

·         GBM Portable forms exporter has been updated for compatibility with GBM Office build 47

Updates between 4.10.0065 and 4.20.0068 (Trimble and Ike releases)

Only the MapInfo based modules have been upgraded in this release. The core GBM Mobile Manger and GBM Mobile software has not changed, but please reinstall GBM Mobile Manger to access the upgraded user documentation. These changes only affect Trimble customers using GPS Post Processing. GBM Mobile for ike customers can continue operating with V4.20.0065.


83. Installation

·         GBM Mobile Standard Edition, GBM Mobile for Trimble and GBM Mobile for ike are now all installed from the same media

·         Separate license keys are now required for each of the above editions, replacing the GBM Survey Tools add  on

84. Documentation

·         Precision issues related to inappropriate MapInfo bounds settings are now fully documented. 

·         Added detailed documentation for GBM Mobile for Trimble and GBM Mobile for ike as chapter 4

·         Extended documentation on drawing with GPS to include the new precision GPS drawing mode

85. Drawing Tools

·         New precision drawing method allows users to choose where to add vertices to linear and polygon objects.

86. General

·         There is a new button on the devices activation screen to enable recording systems logs. These logs can be enabled briefly to record details that can assist Exa-Min support personnel to debug device connection and machine resources issues.  

87. GPS

·         The GPS auto-detect module has been upgraded to optionally search for GPS units that provide data at less common baud rates (Devices/NMEA GPS settings /Hardware on the PDA).

·         A new configuration option allows static navigation to be disabled on SiRF III GPS units (refer to Technical Bulleting No 9 at www.geobasemap.com for further details)

·         A new configuration option is provided to poll the GPS for position updates rather than rely on the GPS unit raising the normal systems interrupt when new data is available. This update is required for the GPS unit built into some O2 brand combined Phone/GPS/PDA units (Devices/NMEA GPS settings /Hardware on the PDA)

88. GBM Mobile for Trimble

·         Support for GPS averaging and drawing of features at the laser target location has been imporved

·         The MapInfo based post processing module (Post Proc.mbx) has been significantly upgraded

o    It is now possible to correct magnetic bearings through MapInfo processing module (GBM PostProc.mbx)

o    New map layers support improved auditing of post processing corrections

o    The location of the downloads folder is remembered between sessions

·         Dependency on the Trimble SSFTOASC.exe for post processing has been removed in favor of new Pathfinder Office V4 .cor file export utility.

o    Robustness has improved

o    Post processed locations are no longer rounded to +/- 10 cm

o    Issues with surveys that spanned midnight GMT are resolved

o    The .cor file name is not longer restricted to 8 characters

o    The software works with Pathfinder Office V4. Customers operating Pathfinder Office V3 will need to manually export the .cor file using the older ssftoasc.exe program

·         GBM Post Process.mbx will now execute properly for those projects that only collect point data

·         It is now possible to auto adjust magnetic bearings (e.g. for applying a magnetic declination) at the Post Processing stage

89. GBM Mobile for ike

·         Now installed from the standard media. Installation has been simplified

·         Support for user controlled location of vertices for linear and polygon feature drawn at the laser target location

·         1280x1025 camera mode is now supported

·         An Issues that prevented photograph file names from being properly recorded in the MapInfo .tab files under certain circumstances, has been corrected

·         An error in the “move to current GPS location” function that manifest in build 61 has been corrected

·         The ability to auto adjust magnetic bearings by applying a magnetic declination has been fully implemented

90. Mobile Manager

·   Minor improvements to screen layout – column widths


*** Version 4.19a Production Release


Updates between 4.18.0062  and 4.19.0067a

91. General

Device drivers have been tuned to operate correctly on Windows Mobile 6 PDA units.

There is a new button on the devices activation screen to enable recording of systems logs. These logs can be enabled briefly to record details that can assist Exa-Min support personnel to debug device connection and machine resources issues. This new option extends and supersedes the trouble shooting methods outlined in Technical bulletin 10. Be sure to deactivate log recording and delete the log files when they are no longer required.

92. GPS

The GPS auto-detect module has been upgraded to optionally search for GPS units that provide data at less common baud rates (Devices/NMEA GPS settings /Hardware on the PDA). To activate the extended search select “all likely baud rates” from the drop down list box at the top of the auto detect screen.

A new configuration option is provided to poll the GPS for position updates rather than rely on the GPS unit raising the normal systems interrupt when new data is available. This update is required for the GPS unit built into some O2 and Intermec brand combined Phone/GPS/PDA units several other device models (Devices/NMEA GPS settings /Hardware on the PDA)

End user feedback on GPS status has been improved with a set of dots appearing on the status bar at the bottom of the map on each GPS cycle

93. Wireless Camera Support

The device driver “other camera” is offered for connection of wireless cameras that directly write photographs to a folder on the PDA. Included here is the Trimble TrimPix and similar devices. Be sure to specify the location where the camera will be posting the photograph (click the devices button on the settings screen to access this control). Leave the option for running a capture program unchecked. Then click on the phot field in a custom form and take the photograph in the normal way.

94. Drawing Tools

A new precision drawing method allows users to choose where to add vertices to linear and polygon objects when drawing features using the GPS. It is now possible to locate some vertices from the GPS and other by clicking on the map. To use this feature draw linear and polygon features through the standard and GPS drawing tool buttons rather via GPS Tracking. 

95. Moving Map

Significant processing efficiencies have been introduced into the module that centres the map on the current GPS location. moving map. This will improve responsiveness when used with complex maps and will reduce battery drain.

 Waypoint Navigation

The method for establishing the direction of travel has been improved to reduce the effect of GPS scatter. Also to avoid confusion arising from GPS scatter, waypoint navigation now terminates when the distance between the device and the target waypoint is less than the GPS accuracy. GPS accuracy is set through the GPS Settings / Track tab.

A new waypoint details menu presents when waypoint navigation is active. Click the waypoint status bar when waypoint navigation is active to see the enhanced heads up display.

96. Tracking

Robustness of the module that prevents the PDA from going into sleep mode when tracking is active has been improved. GBM Mobile will now prevent the PDA from powering off when tracking is active and a GPS unit connected, even when the unit is temporarily not recording GPS fixes or the user adjusts status bar display options.


Updates between 4.15 and 4.18.0062

97.  GPS

A new configuration option allows static navigation to be disabled on SiRF III GPS units (refer to Technical Bulleting No 9 at www.geobasemap.com for further details)

A Sky plot has been added to show the position of GPS satellites

98. Waypoint Navigation

Way point navigation has been enhanced. When a waypoint is active, click on the waypoint line of the status bar at the bottom of the map to see the new display. The display shows both the current direction of travel and the direction to the waypoint.


Updates between 4.10.050 and 4.15

99. GPS

Upgrades to GPS sub-system to improve robustness with  Windows Mobile 5 (refer to Technical Bulletin No 8 at  www.geobasemap.com for further details)


**** Version 4.10 Production Release


*** Updates between 4.10.0049M (pre production) and 4.10.0050 (production)


100.              Photographs

·         Connection of Pretec and HP cameras has been simplified through predefined device profiles

·         There have been further refinements to improve robustness for Pretec cameras


101.              Mobile Manger

·         Robustness has been improved when using the save button in Custom Forms editing

·         GBM Mobile is automatically shut down when data is retrieved to avoid possible file conflicts


102.              Mobile Merge

·         The installer has been upgraded to account for unusual MapInfo Professional installation folders


103.              Documentation

·         User documentation has been proofed and additional GPS trouble shooting notes added


104.              GPS

·         GBM Mobile now works with GPS devices that do not send the expected RMC NMEA sentence.

·         Error reporting has been improved for occasions when connection to the GPS is severed during operation


105.              GBM Portable

·         The exporter that prepares custom forms for use with GBM Portable has been update



*** Updates between 4.10.0049k and 4.10.0049M


106.              Raster Images

·         Memory management has been improved for projects with numerous (tiled) ECW raster images. Out of memory error messages should now be very rare.


107.              Photographs

·         The camera device driver has been upgraded to overcome a problem with the Pretec cameras that occasionally resulted in copying of incomplete images


108.              Installation

·         The Mobile Manager installer has been upgraded to smooth the transition from earlier V4.10 beta versions to the current system in the case where users failed to uninstall the existing version before installing the upgrade

·         The Mobile Merge installer now accepts V4 as well as V3 serial numbers


109.              Custom Forms

·         Improvements have been made to the part of the Custom Forms editor that recovers form definitions when the structure of the underlying MapInfo .tab files has been changed.

·         It is now possible to set the number of decimals to display


110.              Demonstration Data

·         The demonstration data set has been upgraded to show off the new custom form features. The new custom forms and data files have a  _V4 extension.


*** Updates between 3.51.0043 and 4.10.0049k


111.              General

·         Customers require a new (V4) serial number to install this release.

·         This release is tested for installation on Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 devices

·         The device interface (including GPS interface) has been re-written to support easy addition of new devices. A list of supported hardware devices (cameras, GPS, Laser distance equipment etc) is now presented on the devices menu on the PDA where devices that are currently available can be activated.  

·         Internal memory allocation has been reworked to minimise the occurrence of “insufficient memory” messages when loading external programs such as the Bluetooth manager. The new release should be significantly more robust, especially when operating with ECW images and third party plug-ins.

112.              Photographs

·         Support for ike and IMATE integrated cameras and Pretec and HP CF card cameras on the PDA

·         There is a hot-link button on the tool bar for viewing photographs or documents associated with map objects

113.              Custom Forms

·         A number of minor operational problems with custom forms in V3.51 have been fixed, especially in conditional (cascading) drop down lists and expressions. More complex expressions are supported.

·         Pictorial pick lists (where users select an image to have the corresponding text value entered into the data) are now fully supported.

·         Operation of interdependent (cascading) drop-down lists has been improved

·         Operation of conditional visibility option (where fields in a question list are visible or hidden depending on the value entered in another field) has been improved

·         Long pick lists are now correctly rendered on small and landscape format devices

·         Additional automatic fields have been added. Automatic value options now include:

X and Y - The map feature's longitude or latitude. If a GPS is being used, the feature will have been created at – or moved to – the GPS location.

Can be used with text or numeric (non-integer) fields.

Altitude - The altitude indicated by the GPS. Otherwise, zero. Can be used with text or numeric (non-integer) fields.

Length, Area, Perimeter  - The feature's length, area, or perimeter from GIS query. Set to zero if the feature is a not of the appropriate type. Can be used with text or numeric (non-integer) fields.

Creation time, Creation date -Time of feature creation – from the device’s system clock – expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT). Times can be used with text or floating-point fields. If floating-point, they’re expressed as VARIANT times. Dates can be used with date fields.

Last edit time, Last edit date - Time of the feature’s last edit – from the device’s system clock – expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT). Times can be used with text or floating-point fields. If floating-point, they’re expressed as VARIANT times. Dates can be used with date fields.

GPS time - The GPS time (it’s in UTC) represented as a string: HHMMSS.SSS. Can only be used with text fields.

GPS PDOP - The PDOP for the GPS position(s) received when creating or moving this feature. Can be used with text or numeric (non-integer) fields.

GPS post-processing ID - The internal ID used to associate a feature in a data file with the points in the POSTPROC.TAB file that are to be used by the post-processing MBX to correct the feature’s position. Unless a field has this auto-value, features created using the form cannot be post-processed. Can only be used with text fields.

Device ID- The device ID specified by the user in the PDA’s “Settings/System/About/Device ID” dialog. Can only be used with text fields.

Incremental number -  An incremental number from a range specified by the profile loader. If the range is exhausted, zeros are used. Can be used with text or numeric fields.

From the last-created object - The value from the same field of the last created object on the layer. If no object is found, the field is left empty.

From an object on another layer - Looks for objects on the specified layer that are within the specified buffer. If multiple objects are found, they are listed and the user selects one. Copies the value from the specified field.

From the selected object - The value from the specified field of the currently selected object. Only works with the “Create from Selection” command.

Photograph - A photograph taken using – typically – the device’s in-built camera. This is the photograph taken when in the feature attributes dialog. (It’s more of an edit method than an automatic value.) Stores the photo filename in the field. Can only be used with text fields.

ike photograph, Target photograph - This refers to the photo taken as part of the target (offset) capture. (No longer referred to as an ike photo, as the ike can now take photos from the attributes dialog as well as the target capture dialog.) Stores the photo filename in the field. Can only be used with text fields.

Expression - Either a numeric or text expression that can include references to other fields. (Now supports referencing other fields that are themselves evaluated as expressions.) Can be used with text or numeric fields.

Specified time - A time specified by clicking the “Now” button in the attributes dialog or typing in the date/time. (Like “photo” this is more of an edit method than an automatic value.) If the user takes the time the device’s system clock, it’s expressed in local time (not UTC/GMT).Can be used with text or floating-point fields. If floating-point, they’re expressed as VARIANT times.

Measured distance, Measured area, Measured perimeter - These are the measurements that can be taken with a rangefinder – such as the Contour XLRic. The distance could be a range, a horizontal or a vertical distance. Can be used with text or numeric (non-integer) fields

114.              Mobile Manager

·         The user interface for editing custom forms has been improved and simplified

·         There is a new Export forms option for using GBM Mobile custom forms with GBM Portable on a Windows desktop, laptop or tablet PC 

115.              GBM Survey Tools

·         This release includes a pre-production implementation of the optional GBM Survey Tools extension. Survey tools supports direct entry of distance and point offsets from the Contour XLS ic laser distance measurement equipment. It also provides post-processed GPS positions when used with a Trimble GPS receiver. A separate serial number is required for GBM Survey Tools installation.

116.              Web Services Integration

·         A new software framework has been implemented to simplify future interfacing with external web processes.

·         This release is ready for implementation with the wireless data transfer plug-ins that are part of the GBM Integrated Command Centre distribution. With these optional plug-ins, GBM Mobile can transmit wireless GPS location updates to a web server and trigger data updates to a central GIS database when data is edited through GBM Mobile custom forms. A separate plug-in is available to call a MapInfo location server and return the street address corresponding to a point clicked on a map.

117.              Documentation

·         The user manual has been updated.



*** Updates between V3.50 build 37 and V3.51 build 43 (test release)


1.            CUSTOM FORMS (Mobile Manager)

·         Three new options have been added to the Automatic Tab:

“Expression” allows the entry of a numeric or text expression

“Photograph” to capture the ID of photos collected by the device (currently restricted to the iMate)

ike photograph” to manage the ID of photos taken on an “ike” device

·       A “Visibility” button has been added to the Data Tab which sets the visibility of a particular field, dependent on the value in another field

·        Expressions and field names with underscores are now handled robustly

·    There is a new dialog for specifying the location to store photographs.


2.          ON THE PDA

"Layers and Forms" function on the File menu on the PDA extended to report fields required by the Form that are missing from the associated file

·         Menu buttons re-arranged to simplify user operations. There are now two toolbars with an icon on the far right of the button bar used to toggle between the two button groups.

·         “Selection Attributes” added to the Selection Tools to allow for the editing of attributes for multiple selections

·      All MapX DLLs are now pre-loaded improving a number of processes and eliminating problems with opening the Layer dialogue when memory was limited

·       The loading of geosets has been re-implemented to avoid MapX bugs and prevent the application from locking up when opening invalid geosets.

·        Pull-down lists will now scroll correctly when visibility dependent fields are used

·        GPS positions can be logged to a web server (this is a early implementation that will be refined before release)




This version has been developed to run on “ike” hardware

·       Settings dialog now lets you specify separate contrast, brightness and saturation for the video and the captured image.

·    Settings dialog allows you to preview the abovementioned settings for the video and the captured image.

·        Capture window now displays the compass bearing and the distance to the target.

·    The photographs dialog can be used to specify a storage location for the photos and their associated TAB file.



*** Updates between V3.10 build 34 and V3.50 build 37 (production release)


1.            CUSTOM FORMS (Mobile Manager)

·         Code tables are now supported. Users can select a descriptor from a drop down list and have an associated code entered into the data file.

·         Reference images and sound files can now be presented when users are selecting data entry options from drop-down lists.

·         The number of decimals to present when displaying numeric data can now be set explicitly. 


2.            GPS CONNECTION

·         New auto-detect function searches communications ports to find a connected GPS receiver

·         Disconnecting the GPS while raster images are displayed no longer caused problems

·         GPS update interval can be set to zero to ensure that all position reports are processed

·         The GPS log can now be viewed by another application while GBM Mobile is running



·         High resolution and landscape screen displays (such as found in the iPAQ 4700) are now supported

·         Value based graphical styles are now correctly applied when new map objects are created

·         The dialog that lists multiple results from the find function can now show two values for each object

·         Auto values entry from another map layer is no longer affected by null data in the source layer


4.            LOADING DATA (Mobile Manager)

·          Data Loading - Improved management of data files stored on external memory (eg CF cards)

·          Custom Forms - Improved date/time checking to identify files and forms that should be updated


5.            MOBILE MERGE

·         Constraints checking for consistency in map projection have been relaxed to allow data files created with earlier versions of MapInfo to be merged in MapInfo V8


6.            HOUSE KEEPING

·         Evaluation timer now works correctly when users do not have Windows administration privileges

·         New "Layers and Forms" dialog added to the File menu to assist trouble shooting custom form operation

·         Mobile Manager Dialogs - Now auto-adjusts for unusual screen display settings

·         Mobile Installation - no longer creates multiple program icons on re-installation

·         Mobile software shuts down automatically to avoid file open conflicts when loading/unloading data and installing software updates

·         Migrated to Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 SDK

·         Wait cursors implemented for most long operations

·         Additional optimisation of screen layouts for the PDA form factor and landscape display options



*** Updates between V3.10 build 32 and V3.10 build 34



·         When creating a map object via a custom form (using a selection, the GPS, or a drawing tool), clicking Cancel now correctly exits without creating a map object.

·         It is now possible to tag data fields as requiring mandatory data entry. Mobile operators cannot exit a data form until date is entered into all mandatory fields.


2.            MOBILE MANAGER

·         Error messages are now written to a log file.

·         In the automatic values tab, the “buffer” and “buffer_unit” settings are saved correctly.

·         Custom forms are now automatically recovered after fields are removed from the underlying .tab file. If the field used for value based styles is removed, value based styles are turned off. The form editor recovers the remaining settings.


3.            LOAD DATA WIZARD

·         Memory checks in Step 3 now correctly handle reference data in storage card sub-folders

·         Checking for out-of-data custom forms is now performed correctly

·         Fixed all issues reported during beta testing, including those associated with network pathnames, extended PDA memory and file error reporting.



·          The user manual has been fully updated.

·          Windows help is now available from the Mobile Manager Help menu.

·          Animated tutorials are now accessible from the training tab.


5.       GPS LOGGING

·         Added Altitude to the fields recorded in the GPS log. The log now contains the following fields: GPS Date/Time, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Number of Satellites, HDOP and Fix (0=None, 1=GPS, 2=DGPS)


*** Updates between V3.10 build 31 and V3.10 build 32 (beta)



·         If a fatal error occurs in either the Profile Wizard or Load Data Wizard, a dialog will be presented to the user providing the option to generate an error log.

·         The log will be sent to the Exa-Min web site or if the users PC cannot connect to the  website, will be written to a file "GbmMobile.log" in the users My Documents folder. The log contains no personal information, only version numbers and stack traces to be used in de-bugging the problem.


*** Updates between V2.51 build 27 and V3.10 build 31 (beta)



·          New load data wizard - This streamlines the loading of GIS data and custom forms onto mobile devices. It includes extensive error checking and automated correction of file path names. The wizard supports loading of working data into main memory and loading of reference data into auxiliary storage, effectively superseding the Mobile Merge "prepare data for mobile" function. 

·          Load data wizard - Maintains a log file that records when data sets are loaded onto each mobile device.

·         New Operator Profiles - These allow data administrators to associate data sets with form definitions and specify file locations on the target mobile device. Profiles, when used in conjunction with the new load data wizard, greatly simplify the installation of routine data and custom form updates onto differently configured mobile devices. 


3.       MapInfo UPGRADE

·         The application is now compiled with MapInfo MapX Mobile V5.05.   Benefits of this upgrade include:

·         Support for ECW format raster images

·         a fix for previous stability problems displaying TIF and JPG images

·         a fix for the problem where certain symbols were not drawn by MapInfo MapX  Mobile even though they were correctly rendered by MapInfo Professional.

·         Map X Mobile V5.05 will only install on Pocket PC 2003. Customers with older PDA devices will need to install a Pocket  PC 2003 upgrade or continue to operate with GBM Mobile V2.51.



·         Mobile Manager Data Tab - each field can now be checked as "Mandatory" in addition to visible, editable and searchable. Mandatory fields are displayed in red on the Custom Forms presented on the PDA, until they are completed. The user cannot OK out of a Form until all mandatory fields have been completed.

·         Mobile Manager Data Tab - The check box "obtain the default values from the last created object" has been removed. This is now replaced by a new option in the Automatic tab which will auto-populate a nominated field with the value from the last created object.

·         Mobile Manager Automatic Tab - option added to derive a value from a nominated field in the currently selected object.

·         Mobile Manger Data Tab - the user can now nominate a second field to display in the selection list opened by the Feature Attribute tool on the PDA

·         Mobile device - Improved ergonomics for editing - when an editable item is clicked in a  custom form, the old value is automatically selected in the edit box, making it easier  to overtype the data update

·         Date entry - The calendar control is presented when editing MapInfo .tab files, but when linked to hierarchical database tables (custom editions) is replaced by a date/time control to allow entry of time of day details.

·         Alternative form definition files - A new "tools" option on the mobile manager screen allows users to specify a new location for GbmMobile.xml that holds the form definitions.



·           Extended to allow building of polygon objects from a single poly-line  (of 3 or more nodes)



·         New menu item, mirroring the behaviour of the "Move to GPS Location" item but  supporting entry of target location via co-ordinates rather than just GPS input



·         new start up screens incorporating the load data and profile editor wizards. Functions are now arranged in four tabs to reflect user roles Dialogues now pop-up cantered on the screen

·          When editing Forms after the MapInfo table structure has been changed, settings for fields that have not changed will now be retained

·         Mobile Manager dialogs can now be resized and are more informative


8.       GIS SUPPORT

·         GPS Coordinates can now be displayed in the status bar. A check box to enable this display is located on PAN tab under GPS setting on the PDA

·         A GPS logging option has been added. There is a new tab (called 'Log') in the GPS settings dialog. On that tab, you can specify whether logging is enabled.  Also, you can specify which time zone (UTC or Local) to use for the logged times. The log contains the following fields: GPS Date/Time, Longitude, Latitude,  Number of Satellites, HDOP and Fix (0=None, 1=GPS, 2=DGPS) The log file is created in the location: \My Documents\GbmMobile GPS Log.TXT

·         A special message will now display on the status bar to alert users when the GPS is compiling its Almanac

·         Panning option "always pan" has been removed. "Pan if out of view" is now set as the default option. This setting eliminates processor overload that arose from   excessive redraws when GPS updates were received at 1 second intervals. The map will now only re-centre when there has been a significant location change, although the current location is updated on every GPS update.



·         Corrected problem with locale settings (surfaced in testing under German editions or Windows and mobile devices.


10.       MAP EXTENTS

·         The "View Entire Layer" option has been removed from the Map Navigation tools and replaced with a new Zoom/extents option. This tool exposes the map display projection/co-ordinate system and allows operators to set the map centroid and zoom width.



·         The GBM Mobile "Standard Edition" has been discontinued. Version 3 is available as a "General release" that includes all the capabilities of the V2.51 "Extended Edition"   and customer specific "Custom Releases". Custom releases are specially badged for specific markets or tailored on a customer by customer basis.

·         Customer specific upgrades have included customized printing, incorporation of complex hierarchical database structures and customer specific business rules for automating database updates.  Special upgrade arrangements are available for GBM Mobile "standard edition" customers who wish to upgrade to the V3 "general release" or tailored custom releases.


12.       MAP OPENING

·         In the interests of operational robustness, we no longer automatically load a geoset when the application is first started. Use the file/Open geoset option. Geoset errors - The application no longer hangs when attempting to open an erroneous geoset.



·         This release now installs an extended set of demonstration data, with associated custom forms and user profiles. The installer prompts for a location on the desktop to install this data.


14.       INSTALLER

·         Newer components are written with Microsoft .NET and require pre-installation of the .NET   runtime. The installer will now detect if the required components are installed, and if necessary will prompt the user to invoke the Microsoft .NET installer. The installer is provided on the GBM Mobile CD.



·         These are now installed automatically onto the support PC and are accessible  from the Mobile Manger front screen.




GBM Mobile release 2.51 (Installer Build #26, July 29th 2004)


Includes GBM Mobile V2.50.0043, Mobile Manager V2.50.0034 and Mobile Merge V2.50.0006



*** Known deficiencies in this release

1. Certain symbols are not drawn by MapInfo MapX Mobile even though they are correctly rendered by MapInfo Professional. The "&" character is omitted from text strings. Refer to the technical bulletin on the installation CD for further details.


There are no other known issues.


*** Updates between V2.50 build 26 and V2.51 build 27 (with mobile manager build 34)


1.  CUSTOM FORM – Graphics Tab - fixed problem where the list of values for application of individual graphical styles was not saved, when the list did not exactly match the values in a corresponding drop down list (defined for the controlling data field via the data tab). 



*** Updates between V2.50 build 25 and V2.51 build 26


1.  FEATURE ATTRIBUTES TOOL - fixed problem where the Feature Attributes Tool sometimes incorrectly set the graphical style of a map object to the default style – related to styles change instructions not related to the drop down list in a custom form.




*** Updates between 2.11 build 24 and 2.50 build 25


1.  GPS TRACKING - New option to draw regions using GPS track

2.  REGION VALIDATION - New Validate Region option on the File menu will check the validity of

         a single selected region. Nodes are numbered in sequence and self-intersections flagged


     – Select Feature - New Select feature checkbox added to the feature Attributes dialogue

        allows chosen feature to be selected on the map when the dialogue is closed.

     – Cancel Feature Attribute Changes - The Feature Attributes dialogue

         now has a Cancel button, which will close the dialogue without saving any changes.


      - Create From Selection - Tool now prompts to copy values from a selected map object

        to the attribute list for a new map object for data fields that are common to the two objects.

     - Auto populate field values - Options under the Custom Forms Automatic Tab

       have now been extended to include Length, Perimeter, Area, Device Name and

       values derived from objects in another table.  Automatic tab now handles Creation date


     - Cascading Pull-downs - Pull-down lists options can now be dependent on the value

       chosen from a parent pull-down list.

     - Save Form As - New Custom forms can now be created from an existing definition.

     - Auto Synchronise lists - lists in the Graphics tab are now synchronised with pull-down

       lists defined in the Data tab.

6.  FIND

      – Search Forms - Improved structure for defining which forms and presented in the find/search menu

         and which fields show on those forms. Fields are now separately selected as being searchable

         on the Data Tab in the custom forms definition dialogs. Only forms with one or more searchable

         fields appear under the find menu.

      - Selection from List - new buttons allow "Select All" and "Select None" from a list

         of features resulting from a search

7. HARDWARE BUTTON - New Hardware Buttons option added to the File Menu allows mapping

         of commonly used menu functions to the buttons on the Pocket PC hardware.

8. STARTUP - the Open Geoset dialogue is now opened automatically when GBM Mobile is

          first started up.


      – Cancel Previous Tool – A tool button’s functions are now explicitly cancelled when a new

         tool is selected.

      -  Installation - When installing software onto the mobile device, the installer

         checks for 15Mb of free space on the device.

10. RETRIEVED DATA - a folder with the geoset's name is now created in the downloads folder to

          hold retrieved data. Also, time, in addition to the date, is used in the folder names.

         The dates now have a three character (not a numeric) month.

11. MOBILE MERGE – A problem with handling long path names for downloaded files and master

          data sets has been corrected.



*** Updates between 2.10 build 23 and 2.11 build 24

1. GPS CONNECTION - Added support for GPS units (such as the

     TravRoute CoPilot GPS Jacket) that require the Data Terminal Ready (DTR) line

     to be enabled.


*** Updates between 2.10 build 22 and 2.11 build 23

1. GPS TRACKING - New option to set audio and visual alerts at user defined

    intervals along the track and improved behaviour when tracking is paused.

2. DATA ENTRY - New option to seed new records with default values from previously

   edited record. 

3. CUSTOM FORMS - User definable field labels can be used in place of MapInfo

    column names in custom forms.

4. MOBILE MANAGER - Improved performance when opening Edit and Load Form options

5. DOCUMENTATION - User manual has been updated to include Find and Measure

   utilities and new GPS options.

6. DEMONSTRATION DATA SET - Custom forms for line and region objects added.

7. MOBILE MERGE - Merge profile management sub-system is more robust.



*** Updates between 2.04 build 21 and 2.10 build 22

1. GPS TRACKING - Upgrades to GPS tracking support pausing of track

   recording and allowing tracks to be written directly to MapInfo

   tables rather than the temporary GPS tracking layer (new items

   appear under the GPS menu when custom forms are loaded that

   allow the creation of line objects).

2. CLEAR LAYERS - It is now possible to clear temporary map

   layers (a new menu item has been added to the file menu).

3. SYMBOL PICKER - The standard MapInfo symbol picker has been replaced

   by a custom Exa-Min implementation. The symbol list available to mobile

   device users can now be customised through the symbols.xml set up file.

4. MOBILE DEVICE INSTALL - Scripts have been updated to avoid

   spurious MapInfo error message concerning fonts.


*** Updates between 2.03 build 19 and 2.04 build 21

1. INSTALLATION DETECTION - Fixed problem with Mobile Manager

   being unable to detect GBM Mobile installation when GBM Mobile is not

   in the PDA start menu

2. COMPLEX GEOSETS - Fixed issue with Geosets with several layers based

   on the same .tab file

3. STATS - Info tool shows length/area/perimeter statistics

4. GPS LOCATIONS - Now allow time based averaging of location values -

   Location recorded is now the next location received from the GPS after

   the menu item is selected, not the last location received before the

   menu was clicked. 

5. GPS ELEVATION - Altitude available as an optional automatic data

   value for GPS locations

6. GPS WAYPOINTS - Shows displacement between current GPS location and a

   selected map object

7. DRAWING - New Option to create a new map feature using a copy of the

   selected map feature

8. FIND - New option to list the results of a find before marking them

   on a map

9. MENU LAYOUT - Move selected map feature to the current GPS location

   is now on the SELECT menu, not the GPS Menu.


*** Updates between V2.03 build 18 and 2.03 build 19

1. Upgraded for compatibility with Pocket PC 2003


*** Upgrade between V2.02 build 16 and 2.03 build 18

1. Fixed issues with Edit Tracking and auto update following extensive field trials

2. Performance improvements to custom forms (auto-update)

3. New installer framework and badging as Standard and Extended editions

4. Documentation upgrade - processing flow manual


*** Upgrade between V1.63 build 7 and 2.01 build 16

GBM Mobile (software for the Mobile device)

1. Added measure tool

2. Added auto fields for new data (auto increment, GPS time, Location)

3. Support for time stamping edits and recording pending edits

4. Improved performance of Zoom tool

5. Added Find tool


GBM Mobile Manager (software for the support PC to help manage the mobile device)

1. Extended custom form definitions to support auto fields

2. Extended custom forms to allow registration of controlled edits

3. Menu item to copy geoset and GIS data files to the mobile device

4. Menu item to retrieve geosets and GIS data files from the mobile device

5. Writing of merge profile (for mobile merge) tagging of forms for Edit Tracking


GBM Mobile Merge (new optional module - for operation in MapInfo Professional)

1. Registers on the tools menu of MapInfo Professional

2. Browser for merge profile (created by Mobile manager)

3. Subset of GIS files based on the type of edit carried out on the mobile device

4. Automated merging of edits respecting time stamps

5. Automated update of processing log and audit history.

6. A new utility for preparing PDA geosets.



1. New installer structure to accommodate Mobile Merge

2. User manual updated (fourth edition)

3. Product overview updated


*** Upgrade between V1.63 build 6 and 1.63 build 7

1. Added support for Trimble pathfinded pocket GPS and other

   devices requiring rts/cts handshaking. Added controls to GPS settings dialog

2. Additional GPS unit configuration trouble shooting notes added to manual.


*** Upgrades between V1.62 and 1.63

1. Support for international numeric formats (Regional locale settings)

2. Corrected parsing to support high resolution (differential) GPS input

3. Size limit on form definition file removed to support large numbers of forms

4. Trouble shooting notes added to the user manual


*** Upgrade between V1.61 to 1.62

1. Improved GPS configuration and error messages

2. Added "snap" mode for GIS feature edit

3. Zoom menu - support zoom to extents of data in a map layer

4. Corrected XML parsing and layer name problems for custom forms

5. User manual upgrades


*** Upgrade between V1.60 to 1.61

1. Added node editing for map objects

2. Uer manual included on installation CD

3. Added error messaging if Active Sync is not installed on PC