**** GBM Portable V8 Production release 8.01.2149 – May 2016


License Keys

This production release requires a GBM Portable V8 license key. Contact Global GBM or your GBM Mobility suite reseller if your release is under maintenance and you have not yet been issued with a V8 license key.


Configuration Files – GBM Data Services (wireless data transfer)

GBM Data Services no longer uses the client-side configuration file, namelyGBM.PortableDataServices.Client.xml’. If configuration other than the default is required, then the file ‘GBMPortable.exe.config’ is used. The URL that Data Services uses is now specified in either the file ‘MapTransfer.xml’ or ‘BatchTransfer.xml’ that resides in the DataServices folder.


Custom Forms

  • Please update custom forms through the GBM Forms Editor utility that is accessible through the Custom Forms Settings… menu item on the Tools menu. Click on the Manage Forms button in the Custom Forms Setting dialogue box. You will need to separately install the GBM Forms Editor to access this utility.
  • Any customers experiencing issues with Custom Forms are advised to re-import forms into the current project with their current version of GBM Portable.
  • Documentation for the Forms Manager has not yet been copied into the GBM Portable user manual. Refer to the equivalent section of the GBM Pro user manual for instructions on operating this module.
  • A new reserved field named GBM_TEMPLATE has been introduced for use with the optional custom form template drawing extension. Do not use this field name in TAB files that are to be targeted by regular GBM Custom Forms, or if it is present, set the field as invisible through the forms editor. Contact your GBM Reseller for information on the template drawing feature if requried.



·         GBM Portable build – 8.01.2149

·         GBM Admin Console – 2.00.0025

·         GBM Forms Editor – compatible with Mobile Manger build – 8.00.0170

·         GBM Data Manager – 5.50.0077

·         GBM Mobile Merge – 6.50.0022

·         MapInfo MapXtreme  - 


Known issues and warnings


Operating System Support


·         GBM Portable is supported on Windows XP, 7 and 8 Pro


Significant Issues


·         The installer will auto-detect whether a system re-boot is required to properly register fonts after installation. If the installer prompts to reboot the computer, please do so immediately. Deferring the reboot until after running another installation script may prevent proper operation of the fonts. This affects numerous operation including Custom Forms drawing symbols and the marker used by the Find tool. 

·         If GBM Mobile Manager Version 5 (as supplied with the production release of GBM Portable) is installed after GBM Portable, you will need to reinstall the GBM Portable Forms Manager (from this installation media) to access hierarchical forms capabilities of the forms editor.

·         When setting auto number numeric ranges, click between the entry boxes to apply the new settings

·         The layout of the Find screen has not yet been optimised for narrow panels

·         Graphical presentation of drawing object nodes during vertex edit operations is occasionally inconsistent.The source of this issue has not yet been identified. It has been present since V6 and does not interfere with correct operation of the node edtion process. 


*** Updates between 8.00.2145 and 8.00.2149

1.    Photo selection problem fixed

·         The following problem was fixed: the camera application in newer laptops was still accessing new images after GBM Portable had opened the image file. This was causing the camera app to show an error message and the image file was not written entirely to the hard drive.


*** Updates between 8.00.2141 and 8.00.2145

2.    GPS problem fixed

·         The following problem was fixed: deleting child records from layers where the corresponding TAB file names contained spaces caused an error.


*** Updates between 8.00.2140 and 8.00.2141

3.    GPS problem fixed

·         The following problem was fixed: corrupt GPS coordinate system information stored in isolated storage could stop the GPS location information being displayed.


*** Updates between 8.00.2136 and 8.00.2140

4.    GBM Data Manager

·         The following problem was fixed: if a TAB file is not downloaded because it’s in date, then its path was not adjusted in the MWS file. Now, TAB file paths in the MWS file are set whether or not the TAB file is downloaded.

5.    Report Viewer

·         GBM Portable now uses Report Viewer 2010.

6.    Drawing

·         Editing tool animations have been refined. They should no longer disappear or flash as often. Nodes are now circles with white outlines. Selected nodes are marked as red to better visually identify the selected nodes

·         Creating and editing data across differing coordinate systems could sometimes create data in the incorrect coordinate system. This has been resolved.


*** Updates between 8.00.2122 and 8.00.2136

7.    Drawing

·         Buffer generation has been upgraded to better handle complex features

·         A new edit mode is available for easy deletion of multiple nodes in region or polyline objects. Intermediate nodes between two click points are removed from the feature

·         Drawing has been extended to allow drawing of a pair of lines that are parallel to a selected linear feature

8.    GPS

·         Support is now provided for the Windows Location Sensor on Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers. Choose the “Windows GPS” button on the configuration screen to bypass the need to define connection settings. We recommend this option for inbuilt GPS on Windows 8 computer to avoid communication port conflict with internal system that may otherwise lock the virtual port.

·         VDROP is no longer presented on the GPS connection screen as it is a seldom used measure of vertical accuracy

9.    Special Features

·         Customers with the optional custom template feature can now have the following items recorded in the attached data: centre x, centre y, rotation angle and template name. Template features can now be drawn at the current GPS location. New controls have been added to allow users to manage when templates present in the Custom Forms drawing panel. Templates are an optional extension that allows operators to position and rotate features with a pre-defined geometry. 


*** Updates between 8.00.2121 and 8.00.2122

10. Updates

·         The following problem with GBM Data Manager has been fixed: if a profile was created with the assumption of all files on the network, the MWS file was not updated.


*** Updates between 6.50.2112 and 8.00.2119

11. Updates

·         Changed behaviour of auto-value “From the selected object”. The layer name no longer has to be present, but if it is, a check is made that the selected map object is on the specified layer.


*** Updates between 6.50.2107 and 6.50.2112

12. Updates

·         Stored value auto-value has been added to custom forms. (This obviates the need for users to re-enter a commonly used value.)

·         Previous and Next buttons added to the custom form editor so that the user doesn’t have to click on a field in order to edit it.

·         The GPS acquisition (as a measure of GPS quality) auto-value has been added to custom forms.


*** Updates between 6.50.2106 and 6.50.2107

13. Updates

·         Work on custom form templates completed.


*** Updates between 6.50.2104 and 6.50.2106

14. Updates

·         The form validation file introduced in build 2104 can now be downloaded via Data Services and processed automatically within Portable.


*** Updates between 6.50.2103 and 6.50.2104

15. Updates

·         Form validation using LogicalStates now handles expressions involving null and integer values.


*** Updates between 6.02.2086 and 6.50.2103

16. Updates

·         Styles that have line widths that are decimal numbers now work. The error occurred when editing the nodes of a spatial object.

·         Length and area units can now be imported into custom forms.

·         Custom forms can now be listed alphabetically in the Drawing tab.

·         Deleting a new record no longer forces a commit.

·         Better error messages when importing custom forms.

·         GPS audit log facility added. GBM Data Services will remit the log file.

·         Form validation using LogicalStates has been added.

·         Custom form templates have been added


*** Updates between 6.02.2075 and 6.50.2086

17. Updates

·         Custom forms - the pictorial pick list now inserts the value associated with the selected image into the form.

·         Custom forms - when the Enter key is pressed on the last field in the form, there is now no exception.

·         The ‘_DELETES.TAB’ file is now deleted after GBM Data Manager has transferred TAB files to the server.

·         When the custom form auto-populate ‘From selected object’ is used, the user will be forced to select a map object before creating a new custom form.

·         GBM Portable now deletes photographs after a Data Services data transfer.

·         The message ‘Processing downloaded files…’ is now shown to the user after the server files have been downloaded by a Data Services data transfer.


*** Updates between 6.01.2033 and 6.02.2075

18. Updates

·         GBM Portable now supports Map Transfer, Batch Transfer and the download of packages within GBM Data Services.

·         The URL for Data Services to use is specified in the either the file ‘MapTransfer.xml’ or the file ‘BatchTransfer.xml’.

·         When a parent record is deleted, any child records of the parent are now deleted.

·         Better UI feedback when a new record is deleted.

·         GBM Portable now handles photographs.

·         64-bit Windows 7 redrawing of control windows when the application window is resized problem fixed.

·         DateTime” custom editor now displays the date/time in a string format rather than as a number.

·         Ability to multi-edit selected map objects.

*** Updates between 6.01.2032 and 6.02.2033

19. Updates

·         Timer trial period expiration problem fixed.

*** Updates between 6.01.2030 and 6.02.2032

20. Updates

·         Multi-edit of selected map objects via custom forms added. The map objects are selected by the selection map tools and the Attributes button on the Custom Forms tab is used to initiate the editing of all the selected map objects.

·         The custom form auto-populate field ‘Device Id’ is now automatically populated on updates, not just on creation.


*** Updates between 6.01.2027 and 6.02.2030

21. Updates

·         The missing file Wintellect.Threading.dll has been included in the installer and GBM Data Services now works correctly.

·         GBM Mobile Merge has been updated to V 6.50.0022 in order to work with Windows 7.


*** Updates between 6.01.2026 Beta and 6.02.2027

22. Custom Forms “Draw from Selection”

·         The Custom Forms “Draw from Selection” function now works when the selected map object is a multi-region.



*** Updates between 6.01.2025 Beta and 6.02.2026 Beta

23. Updates

·         On Windows 7 computers, the right-hand side of the Info panel in GbmAdministrationConsole was black. This has been fixed.

·         A check is now to ensure that the _DELETES.TAB file has the same structure as the source TAB file.

·         Profile names are now sorted alphabetically in GBM Data Manager.

·         Evaluation timer fixed.

·         Style override now overrides a style override that has been set in an MWS file.

·         Default projects folder now read by Portable after an installation.

·         A discriminator field in a custom form does not have to be a text field. Integer fields are now allowed.

·         The About dialogue box has a ‘Log File’ entry that shows the location of the log file. Double clicking on the ‘Log File’ entry will launch the app associated with TXT files and will show the contents of the log file.

·         Layers can have labelling added to them. To define a label on a layer, go to the Tools/Layers tab and right-click on the layer name.


*** Updates between 6.01.2024 Beta and 6.01.2025 Beta

24. Custom Forms

‘_DELETES.TAB’ files are now not created when a new record is deleted.


*** Updates between 5.00.0071 and 6.01.2024 Beta

25. GBM Data Services

·         GBM Data Services has been added to GbmPortable.

·         GBM Portable now runs against MapXtreme 7.0 and .NET 3.5

·         A style override facility has been added. To set a style override for a layer, go to the Tools/Layers tab and right-click on the layer name.


*** Updates between 5.00.0071 and 5.50.0077

26. GBM Data Manager

·         GBM Data Manager has been updated to allow the downloading of Portable profiles and the uploading of edited TAB files over the internet.


*** Updates between 5.00.0070 and 5.00.0071

27. Gbm Admin Console

·         Unable to select header nodes in the Info, Find and Map Location tools. Has been fixed.


*** Updates between 5.00.0070 and 5.00.0070a

28. Documentation

·         The V5 Addendum has been incorporated into the new V5 user manual.



*** Updates between 5.00.0069 and 5.00.0070

29. General

·         There is a new settings button on the Info tool for choosing which features to display. Default behaviour has changed.

·         It is now possible to enter multiple values into the Find screens. Use this to list each member of a group of items to search for.

30. Custom Forms

·         The Date picker in custom forms can handle all dates, including obscure old dates used as default values by some external programs.

31. Drawing

·         It is now possible to choose the co-ordinate system when typing in vertices for new map features. The previous implementation assumed locations were entered in the co-ordinates of the current map

32. GPS

·         Operation of the “Move to GPS Location” feature has been improved.  


*** Updates between 5.00.0068 and 5.00.0069

33. General

·         Added Data Transfer Wizard and Data Upload Wizard as new items in the Tools Menu

·         Added User Manual Addendum for Data Transfer Wizard and Data Upload Wizard


*** Updates between 5.00.0067 and 5.00.0068

34. General

·         In house testing and upgrades to internal software build mechanisms


*** Updates between 5.00.0066 and 5.00.0067

35. General

·         The software now operates correctly on Vista computers

36. GPS

·         GPS connection has been reworked to improve robustness and simplify operation. Details are provided below pending the issue of new documentation.


GPS Connection – Interim Documentation

The software has not always able to detect GPS receivers automatically, particularly when the receiver had been connected through Bluetooth or USB. The application has now been modified to scan all ports for GPS receivers and connect to the first one found. Changes have been made to the Auto Detect (Port Detect dialog) function to improve the detection sequence.

Auto Detect / Port Detect dialog changes. By default, the dialog shows all the available serial ports on the system, and will attempt to scan for GPS receivers on all ports. By selecting a single port in the list, only the selected port will be scanned. A group of ports can be selected by pressing the “Select Ports” button and selecting the ports to be scanned from the list displayed. After this only the selected ports will be displayed in the Port Detect dialog. Pressing the “Scan…” button will begin a scan of all selected ports simultaneously. While the scan continues, a progress bar will run until the scan is completed. If a GPS device is detected the user will be prompted to select the GPS or to continue scanning. If the user selects to use the detected GPS receiver, the scan will be aborted and the port details set as the current GPS receiver port. The next time the user selects the “Enable GPS” button, the selected port will be used. If the user allows the scan to complete, any of the scanned ports can be selected as the GPS receiver port and will be used as above. If the selected port is not providing any GPS data and the user selects the “Enable GPS” button, the software will begin an automatic scan for GPS data on any port. This will continue until either a GPS receiver is detected or the user disables the GPS.

GPS drop out. If a GPS receiver ‘drops out’ (for instance a Bluetooth connection problem, or low battery condition) while GPS is enabled in the software, the software will report no GPS data and will automatically begin a scan cycle. The scan will continue until either a GPS receiver is detected or the user disables the GPS in the software.

GPS and static navigation mode. Certain common GPS port settings are not compatible with the switching of GPS static navigation mode. This is only possible when the baud rate is set below 56000. Many common Bluetooth receivers will recommend 115200, this will need to be changed manually (for instance using the “Device Settings” dialog) to a lower baud rate if the static navigation mode should be changed.

Other dialog changes. The “Advanced” button is now disabled if the “Enable GPS” has been selected. It is only enabled if the GPS is disabled.


*** Updates between 5.00.0065 and 5.00.0066

37. Installation

·         Occasionally, when installing the software the installer occasionally hung while installing fonts due to issues with other concurrently running software.  This has been corrected.

38. Custom Forms

·         An error that occurred when deleting a custom form has been resolved.

*** Updates between 5.00.0064 and 5.00.0065

39. Custom Forms

·         The Custom Forms Settings dialogue boxes have been significantly upgraded to improve usability.

·         Forms are now imported into a GBM Portable project rather than exported through Mobile Manager.

*** Updates between 4.20.0060 and 5.00.0064 (April 2009)

40. Custom Forms

·         Forms are now imported into a GBM Portable project rather than exported through Mobile Manager

·         GBM Mobile Manager for Portable has been retired in favour of a dedicated forms builder that is installed separately but can be accessed directly from GBM Portable

·         Hierarchical (one to many) data relationships can be defined via the new Forms Manager

·         A new Custom Forms Settings dialog box replaces the old forms status screen and provides additional detail

·         Status reporting and Version control has been improved

41. General

·         Auto detection of updates to configuration files has been improved

·         Project selection screen now records a project history

42. Printing

·         It is now possible to specify an output scale

·         Installation now requires a GBM Portable Version 5.00 license key


*** Updates between 4.20.0059 and 4.20.0060 (November 28th 2008)

43. General

·         Data Manager has been updated to build 1.00.0014

·         Operation of the upload/export of a GIS layer has been improved


*** Updates between 4.20.0059 and 4.20.0060 (November 24th 2008)

44. General

·         Corrected printing issues introduced in the build 59 beta

·         Corrected issue with copying info tool outputs when there was not data.


*** Updates between 4.20.0058 and 4.20.0059 (November 21st 2008)

45. Documentation

·         User manual updated

46. Custom Forms

·         Corrected minor issue that arouse in build 58

47. GIS tools

·         It is now possible to select multiple cells in the info tool window and right click to copy contents of selected cells for pasting as a table into a Microsoft Document

·         Export Data utility on the File menu will export attributes from a GIS layer into a CSV file


*** Updates between 4.00.0051 and 4.20.0058 (November 2008)

48. GPS

·         GPS interfacing code has been replaced with an implementation built on the GBM Mobile V5 code base

·         Raw GPS logging, track recording and controls over static navigation mode for SiRF chips is provided

49. Full Screen Mode

·         Controls on the slider between map and data panels make it easy to expand or hide the map or LHS data panel

50. Map Legends

·         New Legend button on the Projects/Map screen. The button displays an image file if there is a file in the project folder with the same name as the map definition file (.gst or .mws) with an image extension. E.g. MyMap.mws will be automatically connected to the image file MyMap.mws.jpg. An optional xml file can be used to associate multiple maps to a single legend image. See manual for further details.

51. Drawing

·         Updated special drawing tools – Draw point at co-ordinates. Map can now be set to pan to location of the new feature.

52. Custom Forms

·         Updated error reporting for pictorial pick lists when images are missing

·         Minor corrections to cascading pick lists

·         Additional version checking is provided


*** Updates between 4.00.0050 and 4.00.0051 (April 28th 2008 – Release Candidate 2)

53. General

·         Installer now requires a GBM Portable V4 license key

·         GBM Admin Panel future proofed for planned database connectivity upgrades

54. Map Panel

·         Cursor for info and drawing tools has been upgraded to improve visibility in strong light and dark backgrounds

·         Line thickness has been increased for measure and ad-hoc drawing to improve visibility in strong light

·         Corrected issue with map re-centre occasionally failing

55. Custom Forms

·         Updated error reporting for pictorial pick lists when images are missing.


*** Updates between 4.00.0049 and 4.00.0050 (Late March 2008 – Release Candidate 1)


56. GPS

·         Control icons for GPS tracking are more dominant

·         Move to GPS Location feature has been corrected for sub-system changes


57. Info Mode

·         The Measure Tool displays incremental distance to current mouse cursor

·         Explanatory text has been added to the Locate tab on the Tools menu regarding negative latitude/longitude 

·         A new multi layer select tool operates with the statistics tab to support statistics on items from multiple layers


58. General

·         Roll back to MapInfo MapXtreme V6.6 due to problems with transparent styles and XML parsing in V6.7.1

·         The drawing button on the map tool bar is now context sensitive when special drawing modes are selected

·         It is now possible to export any MapInfo .tab layer to a .csv text file. Operation of this feature can be customised through a .xml configuration file in the software installation folder.


59. Data Transfer

·         A utility has been added to the tools menu for transferring GIS files to a central location. Uploaded folder and file naming adhere to the convention expected by GBM Mobile Merge. Operation of this tool can be customised through a configuration file in the software installation folder.


*** Updates between 4.00.0047 and 4.00.0049 (Early March 2008 – Third Beta release)

60. Custom Forms

·         Images for pictorial pick lists are now stored in sub-folders using the same location convention as GBM Mobile

·         Customised solutions that manage hierarchical data relationships though related MapInfo .tab files are now supported. These are additional to the more sophisticated database relationships offered through GBM Office. Contact Exa-Min for consulting assistance to structure the table relationships.

61. Demonstration Data

·         Pictorial pick lists are now included in the Signs demonstration Project in the demonstration data.

·         Hierarchical data structures are presented in the Tree Inspection Project in the demonstration data. In that project spatial features are held in layer locations while inspection attributes are held in additional related .tab files that are not presented on the map. This structure manages a one-to-many relationship that allows recording of observations from multiple inspections for a single feature.

62. General

·         Panel layouts have been optimised to take account of current screen resolution when dividing space between different panes on the same screen

·         All major errors detected in the Beta 1/ Beta 2 test program have been corrected including issues with the statistics tool and presentation of the administration console screens

·         Warning messages are provided if current versions of exported custom forms are found in a project and forms of the version required by this release are not present.



*** Updates between 3.20.0041 and 4.00.0048 (February 2008 – Beta release)

63. General

·         Snap is now supported on all select and drawing modes (see setting on map status bar)

·         Map label text remains on the screen longer after a mouse over event

·         Open table  now supports ESRI .shp files (choose between .tab and .shp as the file extension)

·         There has been significant rework to support international formats. This release will work with all language editions of Windows

·         Significant sub-systems work has been completed to ensure Windows Vista compatibility

·         Pop up dialogs have been optimised for 800x600 UMPC screens

64. Custom Forms

·         Pictorial pick lists are now supported

·         Custom forms are now exported to a separate file for each form. All forms need to be re-exported from GBM Mobile Manager for use with this release.

65. Measure Tool

·         It is now possible to draw and measure multi segment lines

66. Standard Drawing Tools

·         There are several new drawing Modes including of drawing circles, squares and features by distance/bearing offset

·         It is now possible to delete and rotate selected map features

67. GPS

·         Panel layout has been upgraded to improve visibility in strong light conditions.



*** Updates between 3.10.0040 and 3.20.0041 (July 2007 – Production release)


68. Custom Forms

·         It is now possible to directly access MapInfo .tab files opened through live connections to spatial databases (SpatialWare and Oracle Spatial)

·         The robustness of the Custom forms operation has been improved

·         The custom forms exporter that translates GBM Mobile forms for use with GBM Portable has been upgraded to better reflect GBM Mobile functionality

69. Printing

·         Cartographic style A3 and A4 templates are available to automate map printing. The title block may include user entered metadata and printing date

·         A scale bar is automatically added to print layouts

70. General

·         Memory leak have been addressed that may have caused operation to slow down after prolonged custom forms operation or after opening several sets of maps. Memory leaks in the custom forms interface have also been addressed. This will lead to more robust operation when the application operates for extended periods.

·         Improved feedback at start-up through streaming of progress messages on the splash screen.

71. GPS

·         Robustness of the GPS interface has been improved. A memory leak has been corrected that will ensue performance does not degrade after extended operation.

72. Map Text

·         It is now possible to draw text onto a map layer. Consistent cartographic presentation is ensured by allowing font size to be specified in terms of the final plot scale rather than the current (variable) on screen presentation scale.   

73. Documentation

·         User documentation and on line help has been improved. The GBM Administration Console has been documented.

74. Installers

·         The installation program has been extended to allow installation of all or only selected components. This allows project managers to restrict access to the project set-up tools (e.g. Workspace Manger an GBM Administration Console).

75. Optional Extensions

·         The GBM Data Manager is undergoing final field trials. This add-on module assists with installing and updating GBM Portable data sets in large corporate installations. The data manager will be offered as a separately priced option.

·         GBM Office – This is an extended version of GBM Portable that is tailored for specific projects by integrating the mapping system with customer specific database tables.

The product delivers all the standard GBM Portable features but also supports spreadsheet style views of database tables with user defined data filtering and one-to-many linking of database records to map features (as is required to register multiple inspections or maintenance episodes for each asset). GBM Office directly interfaces with Crystal Reports.

GBM Portable customers may upgrade to GBM Office within the context of a custom database integration project.


*** Updates between 3.10.0038 and 3.11.0040 (February 12th 2007 – Production release)

76. GPS

This release incorporates the fixes provided in the patches 38a, 38b and 39

§  Corrected problem that gave rise to an error message concerning the animation layer when the GPS was first connected

§  Corrected problem with creating point objects through GPS

§  Corrected problem with moving map display causing a systems freeze after extended operation



*** Updates between 3.10.0037 and 3.11.0038 (December 18th 2006 – Production release)

77. Project Management

·         The project screen now consistently highlights the current project and auto updates the project list when new projects are added as sub-folders of the project folder

·         Screen display in project mode has been upgraded to more dynamically update the lists of maps and views available for a selected project

·         The dialog for setting the project folder has been upgraded to support easy selection of the default project folder or the project folder containing the demonstration data sets


78. Map Tools

·         Label expressions are presented on the map when the mouse moves over map features. These rely on presetting the label expressions in the new format MapInfo workspace (.mws) files

·         Drawing to the cosmetic layer is now fully supported including drawing on the cosmetic layer when more than one map is open

·         The layer control now properly manages the selectability of raster image layers.

·         The custom forms drawing tab now incudes a panel that describes selected map features to support the draw from selection function

79. GBM Administration Tools

·         Hand off between the GBM Administration Tools and GBM Portable has been improved to handle invalid file name conditions

80. Custom Forms

·         Additional form configuration options are supported for improved compatibility with GBM Mobile

·         The forms exporter has been updated to handle some unusual form configurations and the additional custom form configuration options

·         The automated value of “creation time” is now properly populated

·         The Custom form display are now cleared when a new project is selected or all maps are closed

81. Installation

·         Further improvements have been made to the 30 day evaluation timer to fully support the case where software is installed under an Administration account but operated by end-users who do not have administration privileges.

82. General

·         Numerous behind the scenes changes have been made to ensure the upgrade to MapXtreme 2005 and .NET 2.0 does not affect the user experience.

*** Updates between 3.10.0037 and 3.10.0038 (November 16th 2006 – limited release)


83. General

·         MapInfo sub-system updated from MapXtreme 2004 to MapXtreme 2005 release 6.6

·         Upgrade from Microsoft .NET v1.1 to .NET v2.0

84. Custom Forms

·         Upgrades to better support complex hierarchical database structures (requires optional add-on software to structure the custom forms .xml file)

·         Minor corrections to auto-numbering where the incremented value is at the end of the numeric range allocated to the current  GBM Portable installation

·         Upgrades for cascading drop down lists and mandatory data fields

85. Mapping and Info Tool

·         New settings button to format the display of location co-ordinates for the click point

86. Project Management

·         More intuitive display of map view (map sheets) options when a new project is selected

·         More intelligent re-loading of project lists and configuration files when new settings files or folders are added through the Admin console or separate processes

87. GBM Administration Tools

·         User interfaces upgrades to better support 600x800 pixel screens (for UMPC devices)

88. Installation

·         Correction to the 30 day timer for evaluation installations

·         Upgrade to WiX technology to generate the installation .msi file with more informative installation screens

·         Upgrades to allow end-user access to the software when it was installed under a separate administration login

·         There are new controls for installing optional components such as the GBM Administration Console and MapXtreme workspace editor

*** Updates between 3.10.0033 and 3.10.0037 (August 29th 2006)


89. General

·         The user interface has been made more intuitive by moving configuration settings onto tools buttons at the bottom of the tab that those settings relate to

·         GBM Portable now automatically loads new settings  files (info.xml, find.xml, CustomForms.xml etc)when they are copied into the project folder

·         A number of menu items have been renamed to better describe their functions

·         Documentation has been upgraded

90. Custom Forms

·         Additional field testing and error correction has been undertaken, especially for conditional visibility and cascading pick lists

·         The forms exporter has been updated. Install the GBM Mobile Manager for GBM Portable and re-export forms from Mobile Manager to benefit from the recent custom forms fixes.

91. Mapping

·         The user interface for free form drawing is more intuitive with control moved to a separate drawing sub-tab.

·         Graphical editing of map features that are not managed through custom forms is now only possible when the drawing sub-tab of the mapping system

·         Graphical editing of map features that are controlled through custom forms is now only possible when the custom forms tab is selected

·         Drawing and graphical editing tools are now only presented when the user selects an appropriate drawing tab in the LHS panel

92. GBM Administration Tools

·         The screen layout has been improved

·         Minor corrections have been made to the screen display of the find options

·         GBM Portable no longer launches multiple instance of the Administration Tools


*** Updates between 3.10.0033 and 3.10.0036 (August 4th 2006)

93. Map Operation

·         The search radius for selecting map objects has been increased to make it easier to select objects with the indirect pointers on some tablet devices

·         There is a new map tool button for moving a selected object to the current GPS location

94. Custom Forms

·         User interface navigation between the map and custom forms edit screen has been improved

·         There is a new button pad at the bottom of the custom forms screen

·         There are new checks to ensure custom form edits are saved

·         There is a new check box to automate map selection of custom forms objects when forms are closed

·         Create from selection (where a new feature is created with the geometry of a selected map object) has been added

·         Auto populate by GIS query has been implemented

·         A number of operational errors have been corrected

95. User Interface

·         On many screens settings have been moved from the body of the screen to a tool button to deliver a less complicated interface

·         The Map tools tab has been separated into two tabs

96. GPS

·         The GPS interface has been further optimised for operation on low powered tablet devices

97. Demonstration Data

·         The demonstration data set has been upgraded



*** Updates between 3.10.0032 and 3.10.0033

98. Custom Forms

·         Error corrections to cascading pick lists

·         Expressions are now supported

·         Raster images no longer list in the attributes dialog

·         Error checking has been improved in the auto number dialog

·         Custom form now work during GPS input

·         There is a new version of the forms export program

99. GPS Support

·         Tracking now works with all map projections

·         Map drawing via GPS is now more responsive

100.              Installation

·         The installer incudes GBM Mobile Manger for Portable for managing custom forms

·         GBM Mobile Merge is now available from the installer

·         The installer no longer overwrites the demonstration data folder

·         The GBM Mobile user manual on the installation program has been updated with corrections to the formatting instructions for expressions



*** Updates between 3.10.0030 and 3.10.0032


101.              Custom Forms

·         Significant additional testing and error correction has been undertaken

102.              GPS

·         Integration with the Fujitsu tablet PCs has been improved

103.              Documentation

·         Documentation has been updated to reflect the new methods for exporting custom forms and mapping tools configuration files



*** Updates between 3.10.0030 and 3.10.0031


104.              General

·         A new user interface is available for editing the xml files that control the info, find, locate and projections tools. Access this tool through the tools/admin menu.

·         A custom forms exporter has been added to GBM Mobile Manager. Create forms with GBM Mobile Manager V4.1 and export to the relevant GBM Portable project sub-folder. The form converter has been removed from the Tools menu.


105.              Custom Forms

·         Edit Tracking is now supported

·         The forms now honour settings on how Boolean operators (yes/no, true/false etc) are displayed

·         The forms now honour settings for the number of decimals to display

·         Auto-numbering is now supported – numeric ranges should be set through the tools menu

·         Conditional visibility is more fully implemented

·         Auto population of values by GIS look up from another layer is now supported

·         Auto population of values form a selected object is now supported

·         Times and Dates are now supported


106.              Map Tools

·         Find in no longer case sensitive

·         The map cursor now displays with an image that shows which tool button is active


107.              GPS

·         An error with GPS integration in earlier release has been fixed

·         Moving map display is supported

·         It is now possible to draw lines with the GPS, create objects at the current GPS location and to move objects to the current GPS location



*** Updates between early test releases and 3.10.0030


108.              General

·         The tab strip on the Left Hand side has been reworked 

·         Graphics has been improved throughout


109.              Mapping sub-system

·         There are significant upgrades and new features

·         GPS support has been added

·         The toolbar is now more stable

·         Saved maps no longer include temporary layers


110.              Custom Forms

·         GBM Mobile style custom forms (not fully implemented in this release)

·         A converter to migrate GBM Mobile custom forms to operate with GBM Portable has been added to the tools menu


111.              Tools

·         The MapInfo MapXtreme workspace manager is added to the tools/administrator menu to assist map set-up


112.              Installer

·         The installer has been re-built to with serial number and evaluation timer

·         There are new options for choosing which components to install