**** GBM Pro release 2.10.0024 (2 August 2011)


Version 2.10 Production



·         GBM Pro MBX

·         Custom Forms sub-system

o    GBMProForms.dll

o    Custom Forms 5.00.0073

o    Forms Editor 6.50.0170


Known Problems and cautions

Forms created with versions prior to 2.10.0024 will need to be re-imported to be fully compatible with the current Custom Forms subsystem.

There are no other known problems.


System Re-boot - Font Installation - The installer will detect whether a system re-boot is required to recognize fonts. If prompted to do a re-boot, please do so immediately. Deferring the reboot until after running other installation programs may prevent proper font registration. If prompted to do a reboot, it is likely that fonts will not be properly recognized until the reboot has been completed. 


GBM Mobile and GBM Portable Users Installing GBM Pro will upgrade components of the Forms Manager that are shared with GBM Mobile and GBM Portable. GBM Mobile V5 will operate as normal with forms that have been updated through the new forms manager but may not support the extended features. The new features will be supported in the upcoming GBM Mobile V6 and GBM Portable V5 releases.


Documentation Please use this system with the V2.10 user manual. 



Upgrade between 2.10.0022 and 2.10.0024


·         Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 is now required and its installer is included on the installation media.

Custom Forms

·         The Custom Forms subsystem in GBM Pro is now compatible with the forms editor distributed with current versions of GBM Mobile and GBM Portable.

·         The forms in the demo datasets have been updated (re-imported) for compatibility with the current subsystem.


·         MapInfo 3.0 compatible symbol styles are now supported.

·         Fixed some problems with the handling of dates and times passed between the MBX and the Custom Forms.


Upgrade between 2.10.0018 and 2.10.0022

Custom Forms

·         The Custom Forms subsystem in GBM Pro is now compatible with the forms editor distributed with current versions of GBM Mobile and GBM Portable.



Upgrade between 2.10.0016a and 2.10.0018

Custom Forms

·         It is now possible to create new custom form objects by cutting/copying a multiple selection. Previous versions allowed the cutting/copying of single-feature selections only.

·         The delete button on a custom form now works correctly.



Upgrade between 2.10.0016 and 2.10.0016a

Custom Forms

·         Hot-linking of photographs is now possible from custom forms



Upgrade between 2.10.0016 and 2.10.0016a

Installation – Windows 7

·         Evaluation time our now works correctly on Windows 7 computers

·         Installation location for demonstration data on Windows 7 systems now conforms to Windows 7 conventions


Upgrade between 1.51.0012 and 2.10.0016

Documentation and Nomenclature

·         User manual updated – V2.10

·         The projects folder (containing GBM Pro Projects) is now called the “home” folder.


·         Multiple MapInfo Professional Sessions – Warning messages are now provided as the Map Basic call back mechanism is unable to identify which session a call should be made to if there are multiple MapInfo Professional sessions running on a client workstation. 

·         New menu items are provided to simplify resetting of the home and forms file folders to the demonstration data.

·         The .NET assemblies have been fully obfuscated to improve systems security.

·         Corrected co-ordinate system issue affecting custom forms location write back

·         Improved setting of registry keys by the installer in respect of the demo project location

Upgrade between 1.51.0012 and 2.10.0014


·         A new menu items has been added to access demonstration projects and forms for customers whose Windows security policies restrict file browsing in the Documents and Settings folder

Forms Manager

·         Corrected forms manager installation issue specific to the release 12 installer

·         Release Framework upgraded to V2.10 release framework

·         Upgraded to Forms Editor V6.10 for compatibility with other GBM Software products


·         Marketing video build 3 has been included


Updates between 1.51.0011 and 1.51.0012


·         The projects directory has been renamed as the home folder

Forms Manager

·         Improved prompting for import of custom forms following form editing


Updates between 1.51.0009 and 1.51.0011

Map Legend

·         Corrected issue with legend plotting that arose between build 9 and 10



Updates between 1.51.0009 and 1.51.0010

Map projections

·         The Attributes tool now correctly synchronizes with the co-ordinate system of the active MapInfo Mapper. Features under the click point will correctly identified after switching between mappers with different co-ordinate systems.

·         x/y co-ordinate auto fields (inserting co-ordinates into custom form data fields) now work robustly for not lat/long co-ordinates

Forms Editor

·         New support for the very old date values inserted as defaults dates by some database extraction processes

Custom Forms

·         Now handles very old dates including default dates created by some MapInfo applications

·         MapInfo “decimal” data fields now display with the correct number of decimal places


·         Improved registry key initiation for the forms manager where the software is installed by an administrator for operation by another Windows user


Updates between 1.51.0006 and 1.51.0009


·         A table has been added to the tutorial data to reflect information in the user manual


·         Installation and registration of special fonts have been improved

Custom Forms

·         Pull down lists now respect code table settings - uses are offered items from the Custom Forms description field while corresponding entries in the value field are inserted into the MapInfo table


·         Non mapable MapInfo .tab files can now be used as sub-tables in hierarchical relationships

·         Custom forms can now be deleted through the import forms screen

·         Version details on the “About” screen have been improved


Updates between 1.51.0005 and 1.51.0006


·         Minor corrections to user manual

Forms Manager

·         The forms importer now works with older style form definitions

·         Improved error messages are presented when attempting to import corrupt form definition files.


Updates between 1.51.0004 and 1.51.0005


·         New comprehensive user manual

·         Tutorial section added to manual

·         Demonstration data upgraded to suite the new tutorial


·         Upgraded to installation on Vista machines

·         Upgraded to for co-installation with GBM Mobile


Updates between 1.51.0003 and 1.51.0004

Forms Manager

·         New (more intuitive) user screens